PBGC Premium Rates Increase in 2014 for Single-Employer Plans – Time to Cash-out Some Deferred Vested Participants?

November 15, 2013

by: benefitsbclp

Earlier this month, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (“PBGC”) announced the flat and variable premium rates that defined benefit pension plans must pay in 2014.

  • Single-employer plans. The flat rate premium for 2014 is $49 per participant. This is a $7 per participant increase from 2013. The variable premium rate will increase in 2014 to $14 per every $1,000 in unfunded vested benefits, with a cap of $412 per participant, which is an increase in the variable premium rate of $9 in 2013. Note that smaller plans may be subject to a lower per participant cap on the variable premium rate.
  • Multiemployer plans. The flat rate premium rate for these plans is $12 a participant in 2014, which remains unchanged from 2013. Multiemployer plans do not pay a variable rate premium.

With these premium increases on the horizon for single-employer plans, this may be a good time to

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