News & Notes – November 9, 2012

November 9, 2012

Authored by: Chris Rylands

As a new feature here on, we are going to regularly share some recent benefits-related(ish) stories and other links.

  • Get out your flotation devices because Politico is predicting a post-election flood of health care reform guidance.
  • Several states had PPACA measures on the ballot.  You can check out this list of the measures, and how they fared on election night.
  • Speaking of health care and elections, this Washington Post article says many employees are overwhelmed by open enrollment.
  • And just when you thought we were done with PPACA litigation, the Obama administration has said it does not have a problem with the Supreme Court allowing Liberty University’s challenge to PPACA to be reviewed at the Fourth Circuit.
  • A Plan Sponsor Council of America study showed that participant fee disclosure did not significantly change participant behavior, but it did change the behavior of some plan sponsors.
  • Do you think you know your facts about health care?  Take this short LA Times quiz and see how your score.

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