News & Notes – November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012

Authored by: Chris Rylands

Now that we’ve returned from Thanksgiving and have finished off the leftover pumpkin pie, we wanted to share a few more recent benefits-related(ish) stories and other links.

  • In case you didn’t see it, last week the DOL issued compliance guidance for employee benefit plans in wake of Hurricane Sandy.
  • This blog post lists four ways to internally market your benefits and compensation programs.
  • One way you might help participation in your wellness programs is develop an app, says this article.
  • Are you having trouble keeping track of all the lawsuits about the PPACA contraceptive mandate?  Fortunately for you, Politico has a good summary.
  • Some other countries provide some interesting benefits, as detailed in this article.  Which ones would you like to see replicated in the US?

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