The Director of the White House’s Office of Health Reform, Jeanne Lambrew, reportedly announced recently at a health services and policy research conference that the Obama administration hopes to “ratchet up” grants for the State Innovation Models Initiative in 2014 to aid in development of the marketplace throughout this year.

As described on CMS’s website, all states with the exception of Alaska have applied for and received differing level of grants to establish a Health Insurance Marketplace.  Grant levels are impacted by the pace at which states are progressing and, as reported by CMS, “[s]tates that are moving ahead on a faster pace can apply for multi-year funding, known as level two establishment grants. States that are making progress in establishing a Marketplace through a step-by-step approach can apply for funding for each project year, known as level one establishment grants.”  The Kaiser Family Foundation is tracking the amount of the grants by type (i.e., planning or establishment/implementation).

Check out CMS’s interactive map to see how your state is progressing with receipt of its grant.